FOR INFLUENCE AND IMPACT | taught by Rozynna Fielding

Course description

Ready to increase your online visibility & be seen as the powerful expert you really are?

Are you... 

confused about your message, your audience, your offerings? 
frustrated that you've been hiding your personality and talents, even though you're an expert at what you do?
overwhelmed with advice from others,  yet desperate to get moving?

If so, get ready to unleash your brilliance and make a powerful impact online

There’s a spark of pure brilliance deep inside you that is just waiting to find its full expression. This brilliance is your power centre, your inner core of potential energy, and it can be unleashed in a focused way to create an incredible impact. 

It's time for you to take control of your future success. You are the only one with the power to take control of the way you are perceived, the influence you have, the impact you make. 

And I know you think it be a long, drawn out process to get known as an expert online. But it doesn't have to take as long as you'd expect. This program has one main aim: to help you to manage your online reputation. You can make an impact rapidly, if you set your mind to it, if you commit to the process and take daily action. 

You will quickly become a beacon of brilliance as you magnetise clients who are drawn in by your authenticity and feel compelled to work with you. You will learn to increase your charisma and power of influence, and to build momentum so you achieve a state of flow that begins to maintain itself. 

Because when you build a business that reflects your passions, skills and talents, everything you communicate is authentically aligned. Before long, as you take daily action and build momentum, it becomes easy and effortless to make a big impact with your message. 

You were meant for more

The truth is that you were meant for more. You are an individual with your own individual purpose in life. It's time for you to spread your truth, your message, your brilliance. And if you don't there will be a void. No one else is able to express your particular truth, your individual message. 

This is your opportunity to create an impact with your powerful message, to be seen as the expert you know you are, and to  create your own wildly successful life. 

The world is waiting to hear your unique message, waiting for you to create big change. And to create it swiftly

This course is for consultants, experts & entrepreneurs
who are ready to:

  • dramatically increase their market value.
  • increase their online presence quickly
  • attract a better calibre of client

  • work on their mindset to get results

    Who am I?

    I’m Rozynna, creative strategist and certified success coach, and I help driven individuals to unleash, package and leverage their unique brilliance so they can have the impact they desire. I have a science degree and over 20 years in the communications industry, in marketing, publishing, branding, design, combined with success coaching expertise. 

    What you can expect from the program
    Unleash your Brilliance is divided into six modules, and contains 6 video tutorials and 12 worksheets. 

    Becoming visible does involve taking risk, there is no getting away from it. You'll have to take leaps that are outside your comfort zone. The good news is that you don't need to do it alone. I'll be there for you every step of the way. This program will give you the exact tools and strategies to create big impact, quicker than you could possibly imagine. 

    Dramatically increase your market value

    The program uniquely combines personal brand strategy with the business acceleration processes of clarity, alignment and momentum. It is a fast-paced program, filled with worksheets, videos and huge doses of inspiration, designed to help you to make an impact, quickly.  

    1. CLARITY: getting absolutely clear about who you are, your values, purpose and your story.

    2. ALIGNMENT: connecting your message with your target audience and your offerings.
    Align with your personality and vision so your energy shines from every touchpoint.  
    Position and package yourself as an expert so your offerings are immediately valued. 
    Create a unique  identity that makes you instantly recognisable. 

    3. MOMENTUM: becoming completely focused and taking inspired action that builds momentum, easily and effortlessly. 
    Learn the one thing you must do that will propel you to success like nothing else. Understand the secret to maximum productivity and start putting it into action.
    Create the momentum that will establish yourself as an expert, without struggle. 

    It is possible to turn things around very quickly, to snap out of overwhelm, and to create a big impact, easily and effortlessly. Simply dive in and follow my system that will position you as an expert in less time than you could imagine. 

    This program is for you if: 

    Define your signature message that explains what you do and why.
    Create a vision for the future that is so compelling it draws you towards it.  Uncover your authentic voice so you can feel confident that you come across with integrity.
    • you are looking to increase your online presence quickly;
    • you feel overwhelmed with the information and advice;
    • you worry constantly that time is rushing by;
    • you are deeply fearful that you may never achieve the freedom you desire.

      Unleash your Brilliance is based on my private VIP coaching program that costs thousands, but this brand new online version is available to you for the incredible price of £297

      What you will receive for your investment

      6 x video modules 

      12 x downloadable pdf worksheets

Rozynna Fielding
Rozynna Fielding
Lifestyle coach

I help coaches and entrepreneurs to build their personal brand, increase their online visibility so they can be free to live life on their own terms.

I am passionate about helping people to position themselves as experts, and make money from their passions, so they can achieve the freedom and fulfilment they desire.